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In 2004, the God of Fire cigars were first introduced with the majestically crafted, limited edition humidors produced by Prometheus. Since then, the God of Fire cigars have been released in their signature red and black boxes imprinted with the painting of Prometheus Bound. Cigar connoisseurs all over the world have given the God of Fire cigars raving reviews.

All God of Fire cigars are adorned with two bands. The main band features a dramatic color rendition of Prometheus bound to a huge rock and attacked by an eagle for having stolen fire from Zeus and given it to mankind. The second band signifies the blend.


five blends

God of Fire cigars have five different blends: KKP Special Reserve, Serie B, Serie Aniversario, By Don Carlos, and By Carlito. The second band signifies the blend. God of Fire cigars are produced at the world’s best premium cigar factory, Tabacalera A. Fuente y Cia., using Dominican binder and filler leaves. God of Fire KKP Special Reserve is handmade with the Habanos wrapper; Serie Aniversario and By Don Carlos with Ecuadorian; By Carlito, with Cameroon; and Serie B with Connecticut Broadleaf Maduro (Double Robusto and Gran Toro) and Ecuadorian Sungrown (Robusto and Robusto Gordo 54).


balance and complexity

In the second band, we also put the year of making. After the harvest, the fresh green tobacco is hung in curing barns where their moisture is allowed to evaporate slowly. After over 6 weeks in the curing barn, the leaves gradually turn to a beautiful, rich shade of brown. The cured tobacco leaves are then fermented - after which they are aged for years before they are ready to be used for the God of Fire cigars. Even though the God of Fire cigars are handmade with aged tobacco, they have to be aged again for the further enhancement of balance and complexity after skilled torcedors rolled them.

When the cigars are first handmade, they are in the embryonic stage in which their ultimate taste is still being developed. As they are aged, they go through the maturation. During the maturation, the filler, binder and wrapper leaves form a perfect unity and balance, and the taste of the combined tobaccos becomes even more enhanced. The cigars, which are aged for one year in an ideal environment, will taste better than when they were first made. The taste of cigars reaches their pinnacle as they are aged for longer years.


aging and added enjoyment

When you produce wine, you do not use aged grapes. You harvest grapes for that year’s wine. However, in case of cigar making, you use the tobacco, which has already been aged for many years. The year on the bottle of vintage wine signifies the year of grape harvest. However, it is difficult to put the year of tobacco harvest on the box of cigars. For there is a good chance that the filler, binder and wrapper leaves are all harvested in different years. The year on the second band of the God of Fire cigars signifies when the cigar was produced. You can track how long the God of Fire cigars have been aged since their production from the year on the second band.

Please enjoy these aged vintage cigars, but do not forget to age them even further, like fine wines, for added enjoyment in the future.

Keith K. Park
Founder and Chief Executive Officer
Prometheus - God of Fire - Angelenos - Sencillo


The greek mythology of prometheus and god of fire


Prometheus stole fire from Zeus, the king of Olympian Gods, to give it to mankind. Enraged Zeus ordered Prometheus to be bound to a desolate rock and attacked by an eagle. Prometheus was punished for his love of mortals. The painting, Prometheus Bound, portrays his unwavering endurance of suffering. Prometheus is a courageous hero for mankind, and also known as God of Fire. Copyright © Prometheus

Presented are the paintings of Prometheus by three artists.

Prometheus Bound, 1611-1612  Artist: Pieter Paul Rubens

Prometheus Bound, 1611-1612
Artist: Pieter Paul Rubens


The Wrath of the Gods: Masterpieces by Rubens, Michelangelo, and Titian' Review

The Wall Street Journal, October 20, 2015

"An image of superhuman strength rendered helpless before animal savagery, the monumental painting “Prometheus Bound” by Peter Paul Rubens (1577-1640) and Frans Snyders (1579-1657) violently exemplifies the visceral energy of Baroque art. - - -it is a treasure of the Philadelphia Museum of Art.

According to Greek mythology, Prometheus stole fire from the gods to give it to humankind. The gift made humans superior to all other creatures and threatened the hegemony of Olympus. Therefore, as punishment, Zeus, king of the gods, ordered Prometheus chained to a mountain, where an eagle gnawed daily at his liver, which regenerated itself each night.

Prometheus' gift of fire and creativity is hopeful. Given today's obsession with fictional superheroes and new mythologies, one hopes that “Prometheus Eternal” will draw new crowds to behold the Baroque superheroes - - - ."

Prometheus, 1868  Artist: Gustave Moreau

Prometheus, 1868
Artist: Gustave Moreau

Prometheus Bound, 1640  Artist: Jacob Jordaens

Prometheus Bound, 1640
Artist: Jacob Jordaens


Tobacconist Magazine, July/August 2017

"For 25 years, Prometheus and God of Fire have provided a new spark in the cigar accessory and premium cigar industries."

”I’ve always wanted my products to be synonymous with the best that you can get. I want the consumers to be excited about getting a Prometheus product. That means that the quality must be second to none and the product design inspires passion and enthusiasm from consumers.  I really enjoy the artistic side of the business—designing a product that’s functional but also beautiful is really satisfying.  It’s important to be an artist and, at the same time, a good businessman as well. If you cannot produce your great design at a competitive price and with superb quality, no one will buy your products.  It’s also gratifying to see that people appreciate your ideas and that the products I make will give them enjoyment for many years to come” READ MORE

Man of Fire: Prometheus 15th Anniversary, 1992 - 2007

European Cigar Cult Journal, December 2007

Man of Fire. A 28 years old former economics student mixed his creative flair with a budding interest in cigars to begin Prometheus. Samuel Spurr meets Keith K. Park, proudly celebrating 15 years of passion and excellence.

Since launching Prometheus, Keith always dreamed of creating his own cigar line to complement his accessories. "I saw Prometheus lighters, ashtrays and humidors displayed in stores, but no cigars. I wanted to complete the picture." The opportunity presented itself in the spring of 2003 as Keith and Carlito Fuente sat down to dinner in the Dominican Republic.

During the filming of the Fuente documentary, The Fuente Family: An American Dream, in Dominican Republic in the spring of 2002, Keith, who was the producer of the Fuente documentary, was repeatedly called "God of Fire", an obvious reference to Keith's brand Prometheus and the Greek myth behind it. Carlito, remembering this reference to Keith, suggested he uses "God of Fire" as a cigar brand name. READ MORE