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Prometheus stole fire from Zeus, the king of Olympian Gods, to give it to mankind. Enraged Zeus ordered Prometheus to be bound to a desolate rock and attacked by an eagle. Prometheus was punished for his love of mortals. The painting, Prometheus Bound, on the cigar band portrays his unwavering endurance of suffering. Prometheus is a courageous hero for mankind, and also known as God of Fire.
We would like to present the paintings and sculpture of Prometheus by eight artists.
Prometheus Bound, 1611-1612
Artist: Pieter Paul Rubens

Prometheus with the firebrand, 1611-1612
Artist: Pieter Paul Rubens

Prometheus being Chained by Vulcan, 1623
Artist: Dirck van Baburen
Prometheus Bound, 1762
Artist: Nicolas-Sébastien Adam
Prometheus Bound, 1640
Artist: Jacob Jordaens
Prometheus Brings Fire to Mankind, 1817
Artist: Heinrich Friedrich Füger
Prometheus, 1868
Artist: Gustave Moreau
Prometheus, 1994
Artist: Elsie Russell


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