2007 Limited Edition Prometheus 15th Anniversary Traveler X
In commemoration of the Prometheus 15th Anniversary (1992 - 2007), 1,000 of the Limited Editon Prometheus God of Fire Traveler X lighters were released in 2007.

The Limited Edition Traveler X lighter came with 4 God of Fire by Carlito, Double Robusto Tubo.

Each lighter was serial-numbered and came with a certificate of authenticity.

MSRP $175.00 in 2007

Built-in Punch Cutter: U.S. Patent 6,298,856 & 6,732,741
PERFECT FOR AIR TRAVEL More and more airports around the world do not allow passengers to take their torch flame lighters aboard an aircraft. Before going through the security check point at the airports, passengers can drain gas from the gas tank and put it in the check-in luggage (or dispose it), and carry the top and bottom components (separated from each other and without the gas tank) aboard an aircraft. The U.S. Department of Transportation has issued clarification letter confirming this. The complementary carrying cases (shown below) come with the Traveler Removable Gas Tank Lighters.
Each lighter comes with 4 God of Fire by Carlito, Double Robusto Tubo

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