2016 Limited Edition Prometheus God of Fire Black Matte Lighters


2016 Limited Edition Prometheus God of Fire Ultimo X

Triple Torch Flame with Punch Cutter, Wind-resistant
Built-in Punch Cutter (U.S. Patent 6,298,856 & ,732,741)

Dimensions: 2.87 inch x 1.45 x 0.55 (73 mm x 37 x 14)
Each lighter was serial-numbered.

Release Quantity: 500
MSRP $89.95 in 2016

Ultimo-X/BG, Black Matte  
Triple Torch Flames
Built-in Punch Cutter. U.S. patent 6,298,856 and 6,732,741


2016 Limited Edition Prometheus God of Fire Retro

Jet Turbo, Torch Flame, Wind-resistant, Flint Ignition System

Dimensions: 3.00 inch x 1.37 x 0.25 (75 mm x 35 x 7)
Each lighter was serial-numbered.

Release Quantity: 500
MSRP $79.95 in 2016
Retro-BG, Black Matte
Retro Lighter Review by Cigar Aficionado

It may sound a bit odd to describe the Retro butane lighter by Prometheus as "wallet-friendly," but at a mere .25 inches thick, or about six stacked credit cards high, the description seems apt. Cigar enthusiasts looking for a svelte lighter should take note of the Retro, as it's not only the thinnest butane torch we've seen, but reliable and solidly constructed.  READ MORE

2016 Limited Edition Prometheus God of Fire Magma T

Triple Torch Flame with Punch Cutter, Wind-resistant
Two Built-in Punch Cutters (U.S. Patent 6,298,856 & 6,732,741)
Dimensions: 3.56 inch x 2.80 x 0.94 (90 mm x 55 x 24)

Each lighter was serial-numbered.

Release Quantity: 500

MSRP $99.00 in 2016
Magma-T/BG, Black Matte  
Triple Torch Flames
Two Built-in Punch Cutters. U.S. patent 6,298,856 and 6,732,741

Prometheus Magma T Lighter Review by Brent Butterworth

Every cigar lover needs at least two lighters: one to slip into your pocket, and a table model that holds plenty of fuel and cannot easily be lost between scotch bottles. The Prometheus Magma T was designed to fill the latter need—but it is much more than an ordinary table lighter.

Flip open the top, squeeze the large trigger on the side, and the Magma T’s triple torch flames leap to life, delivering sufficient heat to light even 60-ring-gauge cigars in seconds.

The bottom cover incorporates two bullseye punches, in a standard ¼-inch size (7 mm) and an extra-large 3/8-inch size (10.5 mm) perfect for the big cigars I prefer. Both cutters close onto posts that push out the cut cigar end, so you do not have to go looking for a toothpick to unclog the cutters.

The Magma T offers the best fuel gauge I have seen on a lighter. Instead of using the transparent fuel itself as a gauge, it uses a special mechanism which shows the gas level in blue. It is much easier to see the blue gas level than clear butane. No more turning the lighter upside down or holding it up to a lamp to see the fuel level.

I enjoy the Magma T so much that I even carried it along on a recent car trip, where its unique features made my journey all the more satisfying. I even slipped the big lighter into my pocket for a long stroll. After all, what is a few extra ounces when you can carry a lighter as luxurious as this one?
Prometheus Magma T Triple Torch Table Lighter Review

by Bryan Glynn, CigarObsession.com

This is a stunning, solid metal chrome polished large table lighter, designed to last for dozens of cigars while still remaining pocketable. 
photographs by Brian Glynn, CigarObsession.com
It has triple torch burners that combine flames for an inch of precision flame and a couple more … of a much softer region, perfect for both fast lights or slow toasting depending on your needs. The side features a large fuel window revealing how much of it’s huge internal storage is left to be utilized.

On the bottom you find the standard fill port and metal adjustment knob that requires a small screw driver or the like. Flipping down from the foot is a dual punch lid, offering both a small standard size and 2x size cutter for the 60+ ring gauge cigars.

It is extremely comfortable in the hand not only to hold but to use for extended periods. All the edges are beveled and soft, with no sharp or pinch points anywhere. It also stays very cool in the hand even after a solid minute of flame.
Video Review by Brian Glynn, CigarObsession.com
Prometheus 2011 Limited Edition God of Fire Magma T

by Charlie Minato, HalfWheel.com

In 2010, Prometheus launched a new tabletop lighter, the Magma T. Since then, various limited edition versions of the lighter have been released, most recently the Prometheus 20th Anniversary Collection. Last year, Prometheus created two limited edition versions of the lighter, one for the God of Fire brand and the other for the Cigar Family Charitable Foundation’s tenth anniversary. The only difference for the limited edition versions is appearance, which I guess is a pretty big category for lighters, but nonetheless, the following is much more regarding function.
photographs by Brooks Whittington, HalfWheel.com
Performance-wise, I tried my best to use the lighter as much as possible for the course of the two plus months that I’ve had it. After three refills, the lighter still lights up every time and puts out a consistent triple flame. With multi-flame lighters, this is really crucial as so many times the flames are uneven, which largely defeats the purpose. I don’t normally use a punch, but the cutter worked fine the two times I used it. The two sizes are nice, as it gives you the ability to punch anywhere from 44-60 RG with a hole that is appropriate for the size.
The Competition: XIKAR announced the XTX Tabletop lighter at IPCPR 2011. It’s priced identical to the limited edition versions of Prometheus’ lighter and features a single side ignition, as opposed to the dual ignition found on its normal Tabletop lighter. The XTX doesn’t feature a cutter, but features an angular flame that seeks to add more precision versus a standard triple flame. XIKAR’s Tabletop lighter is priced similar, but features dual ignition and a traditional triple flame that is similar to the Magma T. Both XIKAR models feature lids that open and close automatically. Vector’s Thundra lighter, which sells for $50.00 features a traditional lid and triple flame, but uses a thumb ignition at the top of the lighter and doesn’t feature a cutter. While I’ve yet to see a Magma T that has gone through a year of use, I haven’t been impressed with the Tabletop and other multi-flame lighters from XIKAR as the flames seem to become uneven after only a few months of use. Still, that’s why XIKAR has a lifetime warranty. Prometheus has a two-year warranty and is known to fix items after the period for a $25.00 service fee.

The Bottom Line: I like the Magma T. For $89.95 (the regular versions are $79.95), I’m not sure if this is the greatest use of money, but like many others, I enjoy cigar accessories. While I’m a firm believer in the greatness of the single flame lighter, I actually found myself using the Magma T a lot more than I had thought. Outside of the price, it’s hard to fault the Magma T for anything that is specific to the Prometheus lighter, as most of my gripes with it are with lighters, or more importantly multi-flame lighters, in general. In the most important category, the consistency and evenness of the flame, the Magma T performed as good as any lighter could. All things considered, and compared to the competition, I don’t see any reason not to purchase the Magma T if you are looking for a table lighter.

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