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Celebrating 5th Anniversary
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            Joe Mantegna, world-renowned actor enjoying a God of Fire cigar.

God of Fire 5th Annivesary: 2004 - 2009

Helping Children in Need

Since the inception of the brand, God of Fire has strived to help children in need. For its 5th anniversary, God of Fire and Prometheus would like to support homeless children in the greater Los Angeles area (Beyond Shelter and Para Los Ninos) and poor children in the Dominican Republic (Cigar Family Charitable Foundation). We would like to thank all of our customers and friends for making this possible.


In commemoration of the God of Fire 5th anniversary (2004 - 2009), we would like to feature three of our authorized God of Fire dealers worldwide:
        J.J. Fox in London, U.K.
        Devlin's Cigar Divan in Perth, Australia
        De La Concha in New York City
The authorized God of Fire dealers have been the foundation for the success of God of Fire cigars. We would like to express our greatest appreciation to our authorzied God of Fire dealers worldwide.

J.J. Fox and Robert Lewis, London
by Colin Ganley

J.J. Fox and Robert Lewis, London
Robert Emery, Director of J.J. Fox
Jean Clark, Manager of J.J. Fox
London’s cigar smokers are reputedly among the world’s most discriminating. Her tobacconists are renown as top specialists in pleasing highly discerning and passionate cigar connoisseurs. Since the early days, “God of Fire gave us something very special to offer our customers” says Robert Emery, Director of the God of Fire importer in London.

Fine cigar merchants have catered to the elite of the UK who demand the best of the best.God of Fire cigars have met the desires of these smokers for nearly five years. According to Jean Clark, manager of the flagship St. James store called J.J. Fox and Robert Lewis,“God of Fire has turned people to try non-Havana cigars. God of Fire has been one of the brands that has convinced London’s smokers that non-Havanas are true super-premium cigars.”

Turning London’s lifelong smokers from the cigars of their fathers to something different is not easy, say the most experienced tobacconists. In the UK, there is a tradition of importing and smoking Havana cigars.The God of Fire brand made by the Fuente family introduced a standard of quality to which London’s smokers were very receptive.

For over two hundred years, the professional cigar merchants at Robert Lewis Tobacconist in St. James, London has served both the British elite and London’s visitors. Customers have ranged from Winston Churchill to the Royal family and today’s celebrities including James Gandolfini. Mostly, the emporium has thrived as supplier to generations of gentlemen whose clubs or businesses bring them to the St. James neighborhood.

Manager of the St. James shop Jean Clark has introduced many of her customers to this brand.“People who haven’t had God of Fire before have come back and are really blown over by the quality,” says Jean,“This is superior quality.”

During a visit to London in 2004, Jean and Keith K. Park, Founder and CEO of Prometheus and God of Fire, spoke about the UK market at length. As a result of that conversation, God of Fire launched its double robusto size, which has been God of Fire’s best-selling size.

Since their introduction, tubes and bold packaging have “been flying out” says Jean. “It’s great packaging. Our customers think it is fantastic! The packaging got our customers curiosity, and they’ve come back saying ‘that’s a great cigar.’” This is the way that God of Fire has captured the hearts of English cigar smokers.

Robert Emory says,“God of Fire is one of our most talked about cigars – not only is the packaging outstanding but the cigars consistently rate as some of our very best – year after year. The God of Fire concept is exciting, different and desirable and at J. J. Fox,we send our warm congratulations to Keith K. Park and Carlito Fuente on creating something very special and God of Fire’s 5th anniversary.”

Winning the hearts of UK cigar smokers is a challenge in which few have succeeded. In this task,God of Fire has risen to a position as a go-to cigar in the UK’s most discerning humidors.
Simon Devlin, Devlin's Cigar Divan, Australia (
by Samuel Spurr
Simon Devlin, Proprietor
Devlin's Cigar Divan, Australia
With a plethora of cigar retailers located on Australia’s East coast,‘Devlin’s Cigar Divan’, owned and operated by Simon Devlin, is a beacon for Western Australian cigar lovers. His flagship store in Perth is destination shopping at its finest. Beginning as a cigar retailer, he now carries everything a discerning gentleman requires including cufflinks, ties, shirts, and pens. Despite this trade in men’s accessories, premium cigars remain Simon’s core business. Two walk-in humidors stock the finest cigars, whilst members have access to cigar lockers and a private outdoor smoking retreat – one of the best in Australia.

Simon’s relationship with God of Fire cigars began when he first met Prometheus founder and CEO Keith K. Park at the 2003 RTDA Trade Show. Simon recalls talking to one of the sales reps about Prometheus lighters. “I found the sales rep extremely helpful and down to earth. Only later, after further discussion, did I realize that I was dealing directly with the CEO of Prometheus!” This informal meeting, assisted by Keith’s unassuming nature,was the beginning of their business relationship. Soon after, Simon took delivery of his first Prometheus order. “Keith is generous with his time and he proactively seeks your ideas and feedback. He is the founder and owner of one of the biggest cigar accessory companies in the world, but you can still call him at any time,” he adds.

“When the God of Fire cigar concept was in its infancy, Keith sought some feedback from me,” informs Simon when asked what attracted him to God of Fire cigars.“He raised the idea of releasing a vintage Dominican cigar with a date on the band. I had always been a fan of such a move as it lends greater credibility to collecting. I knew that Carlito Fuente’s passion and knowledge of tobacco, combined with Keith’s innovation, branding and packaging ideas,would ensure God of Fire cigars to become a great success.”

Stocking God of Fire cigars has been nothing but positive for Devlin’s. Simon notes that they have always been a good seller, with received orders spending minimal time in the humidor before being bought by customers.“They have become collector’s items since I first included them in our range.” “The God of Fire’s construction is an industry benchmark,” Simon enthuses, while enjoying an early morning God of Fire Carlito.“With so much tobacco rolled into these beauties, they are a‘slow’smoke, but always draw perfectly.” He attests that the Carlito series “has a strong cinnamon aroma - upon lighting they start off smoothly, but it’s in the final third when the Carlito really comes into its own.The Don Carlos line is a creamier blend with toasted bread notes.”

With a busy day ahead, Simon concludes with a celebratory message to the men behind God of Fire.
“Congratulations to God of Fire on its 5th anniversary, two great men of the cigar industry, Keith K. Park and Carlito Fuente, have created a cigar that is fast becoming a legend in its own right.”
De La Concha, New York City (
by Tom Johansmeyer
Jorge Vasquez, Julio Aguilera, and Ron Melendi
Legend has it that Zeus punished Prometheus for bringing fire to mortals in particularly gruesome fashion, ordering his liver torn out daily by a spectacularly irate bird of prey. Chained to his rock,poor Prometheus probably regretted his decision -- although if he had a particularly fine cigar, he could have enjoyed at least a small benefit of his trespass.

The emotions inherent in such a scene – no matter how allegorical -- powered the decision to make Prometheus the namesake and 'face' of God of Fire cigars. And it was that Prometheus logo -- prominently displayed on a catalogue -- that inspired artist Julio Aguilera while on a stroll in 2006 through New York's De La Concha (

That night, Aguilera went home and drew furiously in his sketchbook. It was nearly two years, though, before he was ready to unveil his creation to friend (and De La Concha general manager) Ron Melendi, who swung by the artist's West New York studio for a look.

"It was 'Prometheus,'" Melendi recalls, "no doubt about it." Though still in clay, the detail was already laid down -- sinewy muscles resisting the vicious bird's assault contrasted with heavy chains binding the Titan’s hands.

"I was intrigued," says.Keith K.Park, founder and CEO of Prometheus and God of Fire. Melendi called Keith after seeing the sculpture. "I knew I had to see it." Park shared the photos with Carlito Fuente, the master blender behind God of Fire, and both cigar industry leaders agreed to participate in the project by autographing the statue.

Standing 23 inches tall and weighing close to 80 pounds, the statue epitomizes the unwavering endurance of suffering by Prometheus for giving fire to humans.

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