God of Fire Tasting Notes for by Don Carlos and by Carlito

By Brent Butterworth

Carlos Fuente, Sr. (aka Don Carlos) and his son, Carlito Fuente, blended the God of Fire cigars. God of Fire by Don Carlos uses an Ecuadorian wrapper while God of Fire by Carlito has a Cameroon wrapper. Don Carlos and Carlito Fuente have adjusted their blends to suit each size and shape of cigar offered.

All God of Fire cigars can be considered medium-bodied, and all deliver a smooth, refined character and a satisfying, full flavor. Beyond those common traits, though, no further generalizations can be made. One must sample all of the God of Fire cigars to experience the wealth of flavors this line offers.

God of Fire by Don Carlos, Robusto (50 x 5 1/4)
The Don Carlos may be the most distinctive of all the God of Fire cigars-and indeed, one of the most distinctive cigars available anywhere. It has the most intense flavor of any cigar carrying the God of Fire label, though it is still best described as a medium-bodied cigar. The flavor is full, yet without the dense, chocolatey taste of a maduro-it's more comparable to a caffè Americano, a lighter version of espresso. Sprightly herbal notes recall the taste of perfectly brewed spiced tea.

God of Fire by Don Carlos, Toro (50 x 6)
A satisfying savoriness-what the Japanese call umami -characterizes the flavor of this wonderful Toro. Its spicy taste comes through from the first draw, but in this case the spiciness is not the usual notes of black pepper or cinnamon that many cigars exhibit. Instead, the Toro recalls the mellow, citrusy tang of a grilled pasilla pepper-and the captivating, exciting flavors of classic Latin American cuisine.
God of Fire by Carlito, Double Robusto (52 x 5 3/4)
The extraordinary Carlito Double Robusto is the ideal host cigar-perfect for enjoying on your own or sharing with guests. It begins gently enough for even a novice smoker to enjoy, and gradually introduces more intense flavors in a way that is never intimidating or overwhelming. The cigar opens with a mild, buttery taste reminiscent of a fresh-baked Parisian croissant. About a third of the way through, it grows gradually and subtly more potent, introducing the smoky, earthy flavor of a peaty Islay single-malt scotch.

God of Fire by Carlito, Piramide (52 x 6 3/8)
A touch of the Double Robusto's buttery flavor carries over into the Piramide. However, the Piramide's larger ring gauge and slightly different blend also introduce new tastes-most notably the fresh, herbal sensation of green tea. While the Piramide is definitely a medium-bodied cigar, it is the lightest of the three Carlito 2006 offerings. It is also perhaps the coolest-smoking and most elegant of all the God of Fire cigars.

God of Fire by Carlito, Churchill (48 x7)
Of the three Carlito sizes, the Churchill offers the most intense flavor. Its taste has far more in common with the Pyramide than with the Double Robusto. Grassy, herbal notes predominate, accompanied by the savory, smoky flavor of food cooked outdoors-not unlike a grilled ahi tuna steak paired with arugula. The aroma is as fresh as a summer afternoon.
God of Fire by Carlito, Double Corona (49 x 7 5/8)
The big Double Corona is the largest of the God of Fire cigars-and a singular smoking experience indeed. Its aroma is certainly the most complex of all the God of Fire frontmarks, recalling the invigorating, myriad scents of a redwood forest. The Double Corona combines rich earthy flavors with herbal notes to create a perfectly balanced blend. As the Double Corona burns, the natural oils in the wrapper leaf come to the surface, intensifying the flavor and fragrance. Any smoker will cherish this cigar.
God of Fire Serie Aniversario Tasting Notes
It has been quite some time since I last smoked any of the God of Fire releases, and this blend is a near perfect reintroduction to the line. The balance of strength and flavor is spot on for the entire cigar, and while it tips towards strength in the final third, it never gets too far over the line to be enjoyable. Construction is fantastic, the flavors are bright, vibrant and pure, never trying to do too much other than to show the best they can offer. While I didn't end up with a long list of flavors, I did find myself consistently savoring each puff of the cigar and looking forward to smoking each successive sample. This is simply a fantastic release and one that I will most likely be looking to pick up a few more of to add to my humidor. READ FULL REVIEW
God of Fire Serie B Tasting Notes

By Brent Butterworth

Ever since the God of Fire cigars were introduced, many smokers have longed for cigars that combine the balanced, complex flavors of the God of Fire with the full, robust taste of darker wrappers such as maduro and sun-grown. At long last, these dream cigars have arrived: Serie B from God of Fire.

Like other God of Fire cigars, Serie B is blended by the Fuente family exclusively for Keith K. Park and Prometheus. The precise blend is a secret, and in fact, the blend is adjusted individually for each size. Thus, one can truly appreciate Serie B only by sampling both of the available sizes: the 54 x 5 ½ Robusto Gordo 54 and the 56 x 6 Gran Toro.

Both sizes use Dominican filler and binder. However, God of Fire Serie B Robusto Gordo 54 uses Ecuadorian sun-grown wrapper, whereas the Gran Toro features Connecticut Broadleaf maduro. These rich, dark wrappers bring more intense, deeper flavors to the acclaimed God of Fire blends.

Robusto Gordo 54 (54 x 5 ½): The Robusto Gordo 54 opens like no other cigar. From the first puff, you know youre in possession of a very special smoke. The flavor is full yet smooth; one might liken the experience to sipping an oaky Napa chardonnay while nibbling on fine dark chocolates. The Robusto Gordo 54s numerous flavor notes include a subtle taste of fresh-ground black pepper at first, changing to a softer, caramel-like flavor as the cigar burns down.

Gran Toro (56 x 6): The Gran Toro is a surprisingly different smoke from the Robusto Gordo 54, even though its size varies only slightly. The chocolately maduro taste is softened slightly; its a little more like a fine Swiss milk chocolate than an artisanal dark chocolate. While the Gran Toro retains the Robusto Gordo 54s hints of black pepper at the start, it adds a more robust flavor note: a savory, tangy taste reminiscent of roasted poblano pepper. Its the Robusto Gordo 54, kicked up a notch or two.


God of Fire Serie B Robusto Gordo 54 Review by Jay Luto, CigarPhoto.net
"This was surely an interesting and a bit unexpected experience. I always thought of God of Fire cigars as smooth, refined, etc. That was not the case with GOF Serie B 'robusto gordo 54.' The latest project is edgy, bold with "dark / deep" flavors. If you are a God of Fire follower and always wanted a similar experience with an extra kick, don't look any further."  READ MORE
God of Fire Serie B Gran Toro Review by Brooks Whittington, HalfWheel.com  "While I have enjoyed the regular God of Fire, albeit the Don Carlos more than the Carlito blend, the Serie B Gran Toro is a whole new ballgame. The ever present fruity sweetness, which I was not expecting, despite the Maduro wrapper, really set the rest of the profile off, and I was impressed with the complexity and the rich profile that this cigar exhibited - - - ."  READ MORE
God of Fire by Don Carlos, Robusto 2005 receives 93 Rating from Cigar Aficionado, January 2008
Video Tasting Review of God of Fire by Don Carlos, Robusto

by David Savona and James Suckling , Cigar Aficionado, November 2008
David Savona, Senior Editor of Cigar Aficionado, and James Suckling, European Editor of Cigar Aficionado, compare "God of Fire by Don Carlos, Robusto" and "Cuban Boliva Royal Corona" in their video cigar tasting.  Savona gives "God of Fire by Don Carlos, Robusto" great accolades: "Nice Flavor from Start ... Mellow, Nutty, Creamy ... Medium-Bodied ... Flavor is wonderful ... Impeccable Construction."  Watch their video cigar war ("God of Fire by Don Carlos, Robusto" vs. "Cuban Boliva Royal Corona").
God of Fire by Don Carlos, Robusto 2007 receives 94 Rating from Cigar Journal, Summer 2011
God of Fire by Don Carlos, Robusto 2007
receives 94 Rating from Cigar Journal.
God of Fire by Don Carlos, Robusto 2006 Tubo was rated as the best tubo cigar by Cigar Report. "Superior and Outstanding"  November 2008, Cigar Report
“Sturdy” construction with heavy double bands made this a “distinctive” robusto tubo, with a “beautiful dark Colorado color, oily and smooth — inviting.” The “sweet” dry draw had notes of “malt and molasses,” followed by a “perfectly smooth” draw once lit. The light/medium-bodied smoke was “flavorful muesli” and “oats and nuts with a touch of cinnamon,” and produced a “light” aftertaste. It also had “a spicy aroma that complemented the smoke very nicely.”  READ MORE
God of Fire by Don Carlos, Robusto 2006 Tubo
is rated as the Best Tubo cigar by Cigar Report.

"Superior and Outstanding"
God of Fire by Carlito, Double Robusto 2005 was awarded with Brillian in 2007 by European Cigar Journal, and Best of the Best by Robb Report.    
God of Fire by Carlito, Double Robusto

by Brent Butterworth, Robb Report, June 2008

"Master blender Carlos Fuente Jr.-better known as Carlito-is a consistent overachiever. While managing his own Arturo Fuente and OpusX brands, Fuente Jr. also works for a variety of other manufacturers. Among his "outside" projects is God of Fire by Carlito, Double Robusto 2005 (www.godoffire.com, $200 for a box of 10 ), a smooth yet complex 5¾ x 52 cigar packed in a serial-numbered box and distributed by accessory manufacturer Prometheus. Some of our panelists considered the double robusto close to perfection; one stated, "This is what I think of when I smoke a nice cigar." Robust, peppery notes make the latest God of Fire an ideal after-dinner smoke that will complement potently flavored food and drink but will not overpower subtler tastes."
God of Fire by Carlito, Churchill 2005 was awarded with Brilliant in 2008 by European Cigar Journal.
God of Fire by Carlito, Double Corona 2007 is awarded with Brilliant in 2009 by European Cigar Journal.
God of Fire by Carlito, Double Corona receives 90 Rating (Outstanding) from Cigar Aficionado (September/October 2010).
God of Fire by Carlito, Double Corona

By Jason Zahner, Journal Inquirer on February 8, 2011

The God of Fire line is a joint effort between the industry's top cigar maker, the Fuente Family, and top accessory maker, Prometheus International. There are two blends, one by Carlos Fuente and one by his son, Carlito. Keith Park, founder and CEO of Prometheus, was nice enough to supply us with a sampler pack, which contained a God of Fire by Carlito, Double Corona 2007. Keith's generosity was greatly appreciated. A Double Corona box of 10 goes for $270.

Cigar Stats: The Carlito line features a silky Cameroon wrapper leaf cured to a beautiful medium brown that encases an all-Dominican filler and binder tobacco blend. It comes in four sizes - Churchill 2006 (7 x 48), Double Robusto 2006 (5.75 x 52), Piramide 2006 (6.375 x 52), and the Double Corona 2007 (7.625 x 49).

Appearance: The cigar was tightly packed, short on veins, and the cap clipped off perfectly. The pre-light aroma was that of rum and raisins and is definitely one of the best smelling cigars we've ever tested.

The Smoke: The foot lit evenly and kept a nice, even burn of white ash throughout the entire smoke. The rum and raisin that was evident during the pre-light was there for the duration, mixing nicely near the end of the cigar with some slightly stronger wood and leather notes. The smoke coming off of this stick, sweet and creamy, was utterly amazing, causing us to linger in between puffs a little longer than usual.

Verdict: The God of Fire by Carlito, Double Corona 2007 was an absolutely wonderful, medium-bodied smoke that deserves to be paired with nothing more than a bottle of spring water, so as not to miss out on any of the spectacular flavor.
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