Wrapper: Ecuadorian Sun-grown   Filler and Binder: Dominican
God of Fire Serie B, Robusto  
God of Fire Serie B, Robusto Gordo 54  
50 x 5 1/4 inch (20 mm x 133 mm)
Packaging: 10 cigars per box
Item Code: CG-B203, MSRP $210.00
54 x 5 1/2 inch (22 mm x 140 mm)
Packaging: 10 cigars per box
Item Code: CG-B201, MSRP $220.00
God of Fire Serie B, Double Robusto
God of Fire Serie B, Gran Toro 56
52 x 5 3/4 inch (21 mm x 146 mm)
Packaging: 10 cigars per box
Item Code: CG-B204, MSRP $220.00
Size: 56 x 6 inch (22.5 mm x 152 mm)
Packaging: 10 cigars per box
Item Code: CG-B202, MSRP $240.00
God of Fire Serie B, Diademas 56
56 x 5 3/4 inch (22.5 mm x 146 mm)
Packaging: 10 cigars per box
Item Code: CG-B205, MSRP $260.00
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God of Fire Serie B 5-cigar Assortment  Item Code: CG-1079, MSRP $113.00  
Packaging: 5 cigars per box (1 Robusto, 1 Double Robusto, 1 Robusto Gordo 54, and 2 Gran Toro)   
photo by Brooks Whittington 
God of Fire Serie B Tasting Notes

By Brent Butterworth

Ever since the God of Fire cigars were introduced, many smokers have longed for cigars that combine the balanced, complex flavors of the God of Fire with the full, robust taste of darker wrappers such as maduro and sun-grown. At long last, these dream cigars have arrived: Serie B from God of Fire.

Like other God of Fire cigars, Serie B is blended by the Fuente family exclusively for Keith K. Park and Prometheus. The precise blend is a secret, and in fact, the blend is adjusted individually for each size. Thus, one can truly appreciate Serie B only by sampling both of the available sizes: the 54 x 5 ½ Robusto Gordo 54 and the 56 x 6 Gran Toro.

Both sizes use Dominican filler and binder. However, God of Fire Serie B Robusto Gordo 54 uses Ecuadorian sun-grown wrapper, whereas the Gran Toro features Connecticut Broadleaf maduro. These rich, dark wrappers bring more intense, deeper flavors to the acclaimed God of Fire blends.

Robusto Gordo 54 (54 x 5 ½): The Robusto Gordo 54 opens like no other cigar. From the first puff, you know youre in possession of a very special smoke. The flavor is full yet smooth; one might liken the experience to sipping an oaky Napa chardonnay while nibbling on fine dark chocolates. The Robusto Gordo 54s numerous flavor notes include a subtle taste of fresh-ground black pepper at first, changing to a softer, caramel-like flavor as the cigar burns down.

Gran Toro (56 x 6): The Gran Toro is a surprisingly different smoke from the Robusto Gordo 54, even though its size varies only slightly. The chocolately maduro taste is softened slightly; its a little more like a fine Swiss milk chocolate than an artisanal dark chocolate. While the Gran Toro retains the Robusto Gordo 54s hints of black pepper at the start, it adds a more robust flavor note: a savory, tangy taste reminiscent of roasted poblano pepper. Its the Robusto Gordo 54, kicked up a notch or two.
Photo by Joe Luto

God of Fire Serie B Robusto Gordo 54 Review by Jay Luto, CigarPhoto.net

"This was surely an interesting and a bit unexpected experience. I always thought of God of Fire cigars as smooth, refined, etc. That was not the case with GOF Serie B 'robusto gordo 54.' The latest project is edgy, bold with "dark / deep" flavors. If you are a God of Fire follower and always wanted a similar experience with an extra kick, don't look any further."  READ MORE


God of Fire Serie B Gran Toro Review by Brooks Whittington, HalfWheel.com  

"While I have enjoyed the regular God of Fire, albeit the Don Carlos more than the Carlito blend, the Serie B Gran Toro is a whole new ballgame. The ever present fruity sweetness, which I was not expecting, despite the Maduro wrapper, really set the rest of the profile off, and I was impressed with the complexity and the rich profile that this cigar exhibited - - - ."  READ MORE

Photo by Brooks Whittington
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